While location awareness has been a defining trend in the smartphone and tablets industry for a few years now, this trend is already evolving into something more sophisticated: Context-aware systems (also known as context-rich systems). With personalization increasingly dictating user experience, the role of context rich systems in the communication technologies industry is indispensable. This increasing dependence on context rich systems to deliver a truly adaptive experience to smartphone, tablet, and PC users will spell a booming future for the global context rich systems market.

The findings of a recent study by Transparency Market Research are indicative of this emerging trend. The market intelligence firm forecasts that the global context rich systems market will rise at a CAGR of 15.9% between 2015 and 2022. In 2014, context rich systems comprised a US$1.74 bn market. TMR analysts expect that by the end of 2022, the context rich systems market will stand at US$5.80 bn. The demand for context rich systems in smartphones is stronger than any other product type (including tablets, PCs, and desktops) and this will continue to remain the case over the next few years.

Role of Context Rich Systems to Go Much Beyond Personalized Websites

By intelligently weaving together signals about location and activities, context-rich systems are able to pull out data such as the mode of transportation being used by a person, the weather in their city, or places they frequent. By using this information, context-rich systems are able to provide users with an exceedingly personalized experience.

While most companies are currently using context-rich systems to serve up personalized advertisements to their users, the future will see the evolution of security and alerts based on the surroundings of a user. Websites, social networks, and even enterprise applications are all trying to use context rich systems to make their content more responsive and relevant.

Bloating Content Market Budgets Mean Good Days Ahead for Context Rich Systems Market

Current content marketing activities are geared toward brands making their presence felt at the right place at the right time. Context-rich systems have a key role to play in realizing this end. And, with marketers allocating a fat share of their annual marketing budgets to content marketing, an appreciable portion of these spends will flow into the context-rich systems market. Spending on context-rich systems was seen to be the highest in North America in 2014. This is not surprising considering that North America has among the highest mobile penetration rate globally.

Surveys conducted in recent months show that over half of all content marketers have plans to pump in more money into their digital content marketing budgets. If the findings of these surveys prove accurate, then companies in the context-rich systems market (such as Facebook, Apple, IGATE Corporation, Google, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and InMobi) will see revenue from this business arm rising.Over the next few years, however, spending on context-rich systems will also see an upsurge in Latin America and the Middle East and Africa, with both of these regions exhibiting high double-digit CAGRs.

Browse the full Context Rich Systems Market report at http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/context-rich-systems-market.html