Rising popularity of Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA) technology for home entertainment networking has been identified as one factor with a strong potential to spur growth of the coaxial cable market in North America. Rise in IT and communication infrastructure investments by industry players in the past few years, combined with the cheap installation costs and the huge growth in the broadband and broadcast industries are also considerably adding to growth of the market.

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The market faces substantial threat from emerging market of alternatives such as wireless technology and fiber optic cables. However, the efficiency provided by coaxial cables for long distance data transmission would keep driving the market for many more years in the future.

Why Coaxial Cables?

Amongst the various types of guided media used for the data transmission in data networks, coaxial cables are one of the most prominence and best known types. This cable type, being a regular across many domestic and industrial networks, has become an inseparable part of deployment infrastructure for television and internet reception in the past few decades. The inception of technologies such as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Over the Top (OTT), and Video on Demand services has further added to the global demand.

The region of North America, especially, which has always been at the forefront of IT and communications industry, has proved to be a significant player for the global coaxial cable market. By the end of 2018, the coaxial cable market of North America is estimated to achieve market value worth US$3.1 billion, observing growth at a CAGR of 7.2% in the next four years. The growth could be primarily attributed to the daily necessity of accessing high speed internet in the public as well as industrial sector.

Coaxial Cable Market: Segmentation

Coaxial cables are frequently used for various applications across end-user industries such as cable television, system integration, military and aerospace, internet service providers, telephone services, construction, medical, marine, and automobiles. Across all these industries, the major applications of coaxial cables include internet data transfer, radio frequency and video transfer.

Of these three major application areas of coaxial cables, radio frequency transfer held the highest market share of the North America coaxial cable market in 2012. Over the next few years, the application segment video transfer is anticipated to achieve growth at the highest pace owing to the rising popularity of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Over the Top (OTT), and Video on Demand services.

Amongst the various end-users of coaxial cables, the segment internet service providers represents the largest end-user owing to a large number of internet subscribers and the rising number of IPTV subscribers in the market.

Rising focus of public as well as the private sector on improved security of domestic and commercial settings could help in surging demands from system integrators, and safety and surveillance equipment manufacturers.

Regionally Active Markets of the North America Coaxial Cable Market

Geography-wise, US and Canada are considerably mature markets as compared to Mexico. The US, especially, is the leading consumer of coaxial cables in the North America coaxial cable market. In 2012, this regional market held nearly 59.2% shares of the overall market. Currently, an estimated 90% households in the US have networks formed from coaxial cables for accessing multimedia content over an array of high-tech devices. Owing to the presence of key industry players in this region, it is also expected to continue its leading market position in the coming years.

Mexico, however, represents high growth potential for the coaxial market owing to rise in investments stemmed from low trade barriers and attractive FDI policies.

The progress of technologies associated with coaxial cables is incidentally the major factor that has driven the coaxial cable market on the global front, or specifically in a regional market like North America. Industry players are actively involved in several lines of research to further improve the use of coaxial resources, which shall add more verticals to the coaxial cable market.

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